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Our Service thanks you for showing interest in offered proxy and VPN services and our service in general. By using our services you are accepting Terms of Use and are responsible to comply with them.

Access to services

You can use the service after you create an account. We may refuse or restrict the access to our services in case of violation of the terms.

Account access - is a confidential data not to be distributed according to the Privacy Policy. User agrees that some proxy plans and VPNs can be simultaneously used by several people and accepts the risks involved.

You should not in any way interfere with our services or try to access them by any other means except by using interfaces and instructions provided by us.

All proxy and VPN plans can’t be purchased for resale purposes without administration approval. Users caught in unapproved resales will be blocked without restore rights.

Services provided

Our services provide remote access to servers in the form of complete products: Proxy and VPN. They have different costs and parameters.

You may stop using our service at any moment. To do so, contact our Support.

Remember that you buy access on the certain quantity of days. After expiration date access will be impossible, even if you have remained not used socks.

On plans with fixed limits you will be able to use rest of your socks if You in time prolong the account.It means, that your following payment will be made not later than seven days after expiration date of last subscription.

Transition from unlimited to the limit plan is possible under condition of recalculation of already used proxies.

As «unlimited» plan means plan with non-fixed limits, which are calculated dynamically from activity, ways of account usage and other factors is meant. In any case we offer a choice - use plan with non-fixed limits and strongly follow all restrictions or use plan with fixed limits.


Our service is not responsible for any damages or possible damage to clients or third parties or their information or business due to the use of service or the inability to use the service. By using our service you are understand risks and are accepting full personal, legal and criminal liability, for all your actions and their consequences.

Following actions are forbidden on our servers:

  • Spam (including spam in forums, blogs, guestbooks, etc.) and any activity that may lead to IP-address being blacklisted by abuse-prevention services (BlockList.de, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop etc.);
  • Unauthorized access to websites and exploitation of their vulnerabilities (including SQL-injections);
  • Port or vulnerability scanning and password brute-forcing;
  • Creation of phishing websites with access on any ports;
  • Scamming, defamation, fraud, sending threats or insults;
  • Distribution of malware in any form;
  • Violation of domestic laws of the country where server in use is located.
Financial operations

Our service provides paid services that can be paid by selecting the desired tariff in your personal account.

When you add funds to your account, our service does not collect any personal data. Usage of the payment data is described in Privacy Policy of the payment providers.

Monetary refunds are carried out at the user’s request only by contacting Support service.

During the processing of the refund request, the subscription is suspended by the administration. Re-activation of the subscription by the user automaticly revokes the request.

Each request for a refund is considered individually. If the circumstances of the request are suspicious for the administration of this service for any reason, the request for a refund can be rejected.

Technical support

User is obliged to timely inform the Support about any encountered problems with proxy or VPN use.

The administration may change the Agreement without informing users. If terms are violated service may terminate services provided to the user without the right of recovery.

We thank you for responsible use of our services.