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VIP72 Anonymity

About us

Professional solutions for providing a personal privacy

Our service was founded and develops now by professional team who know needs of customers more than anyone else. We created this service for our needs: comfortable work with e-mail marketing, mass registrations in social networks and other matters where we needed to use reliable and fast proxies.

Our Mission

We believe in a future where machines can envision and fulfill our needs based on data collected in real-time — and we want to help bring this future to life by allowing unparalleled access to the world’s data in a matter of clicks.

Our Values

Nowadays, everything changes faster than ever. In such a turbulent world, procrastination and indecision is an unaffordable luxury. Our approach is to be responsive to changes and move fast.

OpenVPN it's open source technology, providing a reliable crypto-communication channel between you and one of our servers.

Do you need VPN:
  • If you want to exclude the possibility of logging your activity at the primary Internet provider;
  • If you need stable access to resources, access to which is restricted from the IP of your country;
  • If you need to use (Torrent, P2P, VoIP), but these services is blocked by firewall on your network;
  • If you want to stai anonymous, hide real IP address;
  • If you want to prevent the interception of confidential information. OpenVPN provides 2048-bit key encryption;
  • If you work with public hot-spot;
  • If you want to connect many PC around the world to one protected local network.

Our service is an intermediary between the client (the buyer) proxy service and vpn provider.

Why should you buy proxy from us?
  • High speed – our proxies are fast and stable, unlimited traffic;
  • Fully anonymous – proxy is completely anonymous and we do not log your actions, and we issue a proxy only in one hand;
  • Favorable prices – for packages proxy and VPN, wholesale and retail;
  • Full automation – access data will be within 5 minutes after payment in your personal account;
  • Fast support – we will answer all your technical or other questions about.

We appreciate new ideas and offers. And we will try to realize them ASAP. Contact us if you have something to say!